SCC August 20, 2007

Meeting date:

August 20, 2007

Time of Meeting:



Room 21, King Kamehameha III School


Lindsay Ball, Jonathan Marks, Dianne Lagbas, Liz Sager, Sharon Fredy,Lori Shultz, Claire Tillman




Called to order at 2:31pm

Minutes approved from 8.1.07 via email as is.

Principal’s Report:

Mr. Ball updated the board on school enrollment, high student to teacher ratios, andstatus of the kindergarten enrollment.  The financial status and action plan due to lowoverall enrollment was also discussed.  The portables are estimated to be completed inOctober.


The Chair moved that Article 4, Section 2 of Bylaws should be removed; Art.4, Sec. 3-transition of new members be changed due to change in school schedule; Art.8, Sec. 1-Meetings for SCC be changed to second Thursday of the month.The Vice Chair mentioned concern, on behalf of the Secretary, for the location of thevoting for the teacher reps for the SCC.  Mr. Ball made note that is was a HSTA Repissue.Changes approved at 2:39pm.  Mr. Ball to update Bylaws.Mr. Ball will pass out the AFP to SCC members before next meeting.Vice Chair will forward minutes to the Secretary to email members for approval.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 2:30pm in the Library at KingKamehameha III School.

Meeting Adjourned:


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